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¥5,500 JPY
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Body material: Nylon
Attached material: cowhide
Interior fabric: Nylon
Size (migration)
W: 400 × H: 150 × D: 10
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
It is a collaboration product of WALK ABOUT® by Sanpak and Toyooka Bag®.
The password is "Let's go to a small adverture with a backpack!"
The series name is "WOODS". "FLAT" is a unisex unisex.
The design concept is “NOSTALGIA & CUTE”. The form is flat in a crescent moon form.
The color scheme was reduced so that it did not interfere with clothes, and it was one tone.
Rescue orange is used with one point for the interior.
The original brand weaving name of Wakl About® creates a retro atmosphere.
Commitment to functionality
The belt can be adjusted by using a duraflex resin buckle that can be attached and detached with one touch. Since it was softly finished without using a core material on the main unit, it fits the body and fits the body if you tighten the belt firmly.
The interior has a rescue orange key ring.
Commitment to materials
The body material has been toflon processed to 400 mm (denier) pack cloth, which has a reputation for outdoor equipment, to enhance water repellency.
For the zipper pull, a durable nylon rope used for spare shoelaces for outdoor necessities was selected.
Precautions of handling
Water -repellent processing is not waterproof. In addition, it is not permanent water repellent, so if the water repellent effect is weakened, use a water -repellent spray.
Please note that synthetic fibers may cause color unevenness, spots, and texture due to the use of benzins.