User Guide

Only support for domestic delivery in Japan

From order to arrival of products (only in Japan delivery)

Choose a product and put it in the cart.

  1. Check the color of your desired product and click "Put it in the cart".
    If you would like multiple points in the same color of the same color, put it in the cart for your desired score. (If you buy 2 points, click "Put in the cart" twice.)
  2. Click "Look at the cart".
    If you continue to shop, click "Continue Shopping", go to your desired product page, and click "Put in the cart" again.
  3. Please check the color, quantity and amount of the product. If you are wrong, click "Go to the order procedure". (If you are registered as a member, click "Log in and proceed".)

Orderer / delivery destination input

  1. Please enter your orderer name, address, phone number, and email address of your home.
  2. After entering the information, check if there is any mistake in the input contents, and if you register as a member, check "I agree with the membership agreement and register the orderer information as a member" and "I agree to the personal information protection policy". Please enter and click "Register Member and Next".
    If you register as a member, you can enjoy shopping smoothly without entering your name or address every time.
    If you do not wish to register as a member, uncheck "I agree with the membership agreement and register the orderer information as a member", check "I agree to the personal information protection policy" and click "Next". please.

Select payment method and delivery method

  1. Please select the payment method.
    • Bank transfer
      Please transfer cash to our designated Sumitomo Mitsui Banking account. Please bear the transfer fee.
    • Credit card payment
      Please enter the card information. The payment method depends on the credit card company.
        * We do not manage detailed individual information on credit cards.
    • Please check the delivery method. In principle, we will deliver it by Sagawa Express.
      Delivery to Hokkaido and Okinawa Prefecture will be delivered by Yu -Pack.
  2. Please check your order once again, and if there is no mistake, click "Confirm order". Please note that we cannot accept any returned or exchanged items due to mistakes in your order.
※about shipping fee
For shopping of 30,000 yen or more including tax, we will make shipping free. (However, some areas and remote islands may be charged for a separate relay fee.)

"Order confirmation email" will arrive

  • When the procedure is completed, the "Order Confirmation Email" will be sent automatically. Please check the order contents. The order has not been confirmed at this point. As soon as you check the presence or absence of stock at the store, we will send you a "acceptable e -mail", so please wait until you arrive.

    * If the "Order Confirmation Email" does not arrive, there is a possibility that the procedure may not be possible depending on the e -mail address or the domain specification. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us by phone.
    (TEL: 0796-26-7300 * Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 10:00 to 17:30)

"Confirmed mailing email" will arrive

  • Once you have secured the stock of the products to be delivered to the customer, we will send you a "acceptance mail". If the product is out of stock or a product defect is found during inspection, you may take time. In that case, we will inform you of the delivery date of the product separately by e -mail.
    * For bank transfer customers, we will inform you of the designated account and transfer amount by this email.

Please pay the fee (only for bank transfer customers)

  • If you are a bank transfer customer, if you receive the "Equipment E -mail" at hand, please pay to the bank account to be specified. If the payment is not confirmed after 7 days after the arrival of the email, we may cancel.

"Payment confirmation email" will arrive (bank transfer customers)

  • Bank transfer customers will send a "payment confirmation email" as soon as payment is confirmed. Wednesday is a regular holiday. Please note that we will contact you after the next Thursday.

"Shipping completion email" will arrive

  • We will ship by the next business day on the day you confirm the payment. After shipping, we will send you a "shipping completion email" with the luggage slip number.

    ※Please be careful.
    If you cancel your order due to customer reasons after the "Shipping Completion Email", we may charge the actual cost of the shipping fee.


  • When you arrive, please check if there are any mistakes or problems with your order. The details of your order are specified in the "Delivery Book" that will be enclosed. If you find any deficiencies in the product, please contact us immediately. Please note that we will not respond to returns unless the product is defective.

About payment

Credit card payment

The following credit cards are available.

VISA/MasterCard/American Express/JTB/SHOP Pay/Apple Pay/Google Pay

Cash on delivery

Total product price + shipping + cash on delivery fee
* In some areas such as remote islands, it may not be possible to settle by cash on delivery.
* Only cash can be used. Credit cards or debit card payments are not available.
* Please do not refuse to receive it by cash on delivery. We may charge the actual expenses for round -trip shipping.

Sagawa Express Cash on delivery fee list ( * tax included)
~ 9,999 yen (330 yen)
10,000 yen to 29,999 yen (440 yen)
30,000 yen to 99,999 yen (660 yen)
100,000 yen to 299,999 yen (1,100 yen)
300,000 yen to 499,999 yen (2,200 yen)

* Hokkaido and Okinawa Prefecture will be delivered by Yu -Pack. You will be charged for post office rules. The amount will be notified by the order confirmation email.

Bank transfer

Transfer destination
After your order is confirmed, we will contact you by email.

* The transfer fee will be borne by the customer.
* When transferring, please fill in the name (or company name) and phone number ordered in the transfer person name column.
* Please note that if there is no payment from the customer after 7 days from the day after the order date, the order of the product may be canceled.
* The date of payment confirmation at our company will be the order date.

Regarding delivery


Sagawa Express
It will be free shipping for purchases of 30,000 yen or more including tax.
(However, some areas such as remote islands will be charged separately for relay fees.)
If it is less than 30,000 yen, 550 yen including tax will be charged. Hokkaido and Okinawa will charge 1,870 yen including tax.
* If you are unknown, please contact us in advance.
* In some areas such as remote islands, it may not be possible to settle by cash on delivery. For more information, please check the "order confirmation email" sent from our shop after automatic transmission email.

* We do not accept overseas shipping. Please note

Delivery dates

You can specify between 5 and 21 days from the order date.
* This period may fluctuate depending on the time.

About return / exchange

We will pay close attention to the product and give inspections after inspection, but if there is a defect in the product, we would like to do so, but we will call or email as soon as we arrive. Please contact us.
If the status of the product you contacted is determined to be "initial failure", we will return to our company by cash on delivery and send new products immediately. Please note that after 7 days after the arrival of the product, we cannot recognize it as "initial failure".
In addition, please note that cases such as the color, image difference from the image, the difference in size, etc. are judged as "customer convenience" and we cannot accept any returns. If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing.

Example of initial failure

  • Sewing lineage and thread flying
  • Looseness of fasteners, metal fittings, etc.
  • Leather products are significantly scratched
    * Natural leather products are shipped with great care and shipped. Except for the remarkable state, please consider it as a unique feature of natural products. If you are not satisfied, please contact us.
  • In addition, a different product from the ordered product has been sent.

Return method

Please contact us by phone or email first within 7 days after the product arrives. The products that have been judged to be "initial failure" will be informed of the return destination and return method. (The return destination may differ depending on the product.)
Be sure to include a delivery note, warranty card and receipt (only in case), and return as much as possible.
* Be sure to return the delivery record (courier service, Yu -pack, etc.). Please pardon a remarkable simple packing that can deteriorate the product during delivery.

Refund method

After confirming the returned product, we will immediately take the refund procedure. Regarding returns of products that fall under initial failure, we will refund the shipping and commissions that have been borne by the customer.

For credit Amazon Pay payment

We will change the credit payment amount. Depending on the closing date of your credit card, you may be deducted at the initial amount, but if you withdraw, we will refund it at a later date. Please check the amount by the credit card company issued by the credit card company.

In the case of cash on delivery payment / bank transfer settlement

We will ask you about the account specified by the customer and refund it by transfer.

* About customer convenience

Please note that returned goods due to customer reasons that do not have any problems with the product condition will be judged as "customer convenience".

Customer convenience examples
  • Those who have been over 8 days after the product arrives
  • Products used
  • Reasons why the image (color / size) before purchasing is different from the actual product
  • When the returned product is very different from the state at the time of delivery
  • If accessories such as shoulder belts cannot be returned

About members

We recommend that you register as a member when using it.
If you register, it will be very convenient for shopping after the next time, just entering your email address and password, so you will be automatically entered the customer's information.
In addition, you can register the delivery destination etc. in advance from the customer -only My Page.

The information desk

Inquiry time:
10:00 to 17:30
Regular holiday:
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, New Year holidays