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THYBUCKS Elder Cross Mini Shoulder

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¥11,000 JPY
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Body material: Extreme thick cotton twill (back paste)
Attached material: cowhide (shrink type press)
Interior fabric: 100% cotton (Tiotio processing)
Size (migration)
W: 140 × H: 190 × D: 20
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
A mini -shoulder developed to use the cut -off scraps as effectively as possible. Elder series original
Cut one concept. Despite having a slim and minimal size, it enters a large smartphone
Convenient pocket type pouch. Use a printing technique that is strong in washing to make a canvas as a canvas
It has a variety of patterns. It is a small bag that is exciting from the time of choice.
Commitment to functionality
With a 3WAY function, it is used as a vertical, horizontal, and pouch. Therefore, it can be opened and closed from both ends
It is a slider system. If you change the shoulder belt, you can use it in the direction of your favorite type,
Unused d -can can be fixed lightly in the leather part.
The interior has a small pocket on the front space and a three -stage card pocket. The rear space is a smartphone
Simple as a space to put in. There is a mask and handkerchief storage space on the outside side.
It is hard to fall if you keep it with a hook.
The shoulder belt is put on a nylon tape with leather on it while keeping it too thin.
There is a sense of luxury and very durable. Since the adjuster has two on both sides, subtle adjustments are possible.
Commitment to materials
Printed on an extremely thick cotton twill (resistant to water wet with printing techniques used for T -shirts, etc.)
Shrink shibo embossed in cowhide. Leather is hard to get dirty and scratches are hard to stick.
The interior fabric is specially processed called Tiotio to cotton twill.
(Antibacterial, deodorizing, anti -viral, antistatic, highly safe processing)
Precautions of handling
Mask pockets may fall if you put anything other than the mask and handkerchief, so
Please do not enter. It is mainly mask storage.
* Especially when used as a horizontal type, the mouth of the pocket will be down, so the hook
If you do not keep it, the mask may fall. Please be careful.