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TUTUMU News paper

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¥24,200 JPY
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Body material: Nylon
Attached material: cowhide
Interior fabric: Nylon
Size (migration)
W: 310 × H: 350 × D: 190
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
It is a simple 2WAY TOTE. Designed to support lessons, classes and businesses.
We aimed for a firm taut, large capacity and lightweight tote. It is a 2way design of handbag and tote.
Commitment to functionality
By making the front and rear gusset size asymmetric and the shoulder belt is designed in the arch, the balance comes inside, so it is difficult to fall off the shoulders.
A4 file compatible. Includes a B5 compatible clutch bag that can be removed with a hook for the interior. This clutch bag is also a partition for the interior, so it is convenient for sorting contents such as documents.
Commitment to materials
We use Konbu-N, a nail material developed by Ishikawa Prefecture's "Komatsu Seiren". After about 20 % shrinking and dyed, it is soaked in the water repellent.
Because it is super water repellent, the play of water is powerful. It is a high -performance fabric that has a supple but unique hardness that can be independent, and has a feeling of drilling and tightening.
Precautions of handling
Please note that synthetic fibers and natural leather may cause color unevenness, spots, and textures due to the use of benzine, etc.
Please note that the attached natural leather may be wet due to rain, or may cause discoloration due to friction.