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TUTUMU Marche mini

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¥19,800 JPY
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¥19,800 JPY
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Body material: Nylon
Attached material: cowhide
Interior fabric: cotton
Size (migration)
W: 350 × H: 240 × D: 230
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
"Kobe Selection" certified product. Designed by designers living in Kobe, a fashion city. "MARCHE" S size made from the basket bag. It is a handbag BAG. The design was simple and cute. "TUTUMU" is the original natural taste.
Commitment to functionality
The four pockets in front and rear are functional. By deepening this pocket, even if you put in small items, it prevents incorrect fall from inside, but the upper part of the pocket is wide, making it easier to put in and out of smartphones.
It is easy to put in and out of smartphones.
Commitment to materials
We use Konbu-N, a “Konbu-N” developed by Ishikawa Prefecture's “Komatsu Seiren”. After about 20 % shrinking and dyed, it is soaked in the water repellent.
Because it is super water repellent, the play of water is powerful. It is a high -performance fabric that has a unique hardness that is supple, has a unique hardness that can be independent, and has a feeling of dryness and tightness.
Precautions of handling
Please note that synthetic fibers, cotton cloth, natural leather may cause color unevenness, spots, and texture due to the use of benzins, etc.
Please note that the attached natural leather and the cotton cloth of the interior may be wet due to rain, or may be discolored by friction.