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For the Blue Cross Mini Shoulder

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¥11,550 JPY
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Body material: 100%recycled nylon (fishing network rate 25%)
Attached material: cowhide
Interior fabric: 100% cotton
Size (migration)
W: 140 × H: 190 × D: 20
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
A slim and small 3WAY minimum shoulder of a fishing net nylon. This is also a cut series.
Lightweight and practical pocket -type shoulder bag. The mouth of the pocket of the leather on the front body is a line that imagined a gentle curve like a waves of the sea.
One of the zipper pulls is secretly designed by fish stitches.
Commitment to functionality
A leather patch pocket on the front body of the main body. The interior is a simple space that can put a large smartphone in the rear space, and the front body has a mini pocket on the opposite side of the card three -stage pocket.
There is a mask pocket on the outside.
It can be used with three types of vertical, horizontal, and bag -in -bags. When not in use, D -can is fitted in the leather seat.
Commitment to materials

It is a product that has been re -processed into the fabric and commercialized. 100 years later, it is a city supported by rich sea and bags, so let's protect the wealth of SDG'S14.
We will work on a long -term plan of marine plastic garbage that continues to increase.
We will donate a part of the bag's revenue to Alliance for the Blue, which coordinates from development from development to help protect the sea.
The leather is a shrink wiping -type pressed finish that is resistant to wetting.
The interior fabric is specially processed called Tiotio to cotton twill.
(Antibacterial, deodorizing, anti -viral, antistatic, highly safe processing)
Precautions of handling

When the pocket mouth is facing down when it is horizontal, please be careful not to put anything other than the mask.
The fishing net nylon is under weak water -repellent processing. But it is not forever.
Leather is a natural material, so be careful when discoloration. If it gets wet due to rain, wipe it off or dry it.