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KAGEN Thai Seven Sho Leather Tote

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¥49,500 JPY
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¥49,500 JPY
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Body material: Leather
Attached material:
Interior fabric: Cotton twill
Size (migration)
W: 450 × H: 300 × D: 140
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
"Jin" has the meaning of flexible and elastic.
It is a series where you can fully enjoy the suppleness of the leather.
The sewing machine is mainly used for sewing, but it is hand -sewn by craftsmen at the base of the powerful handle.
We are particular about delicate and strong manufacturing that do not rely on machines alone.
Commitment to functionality
Size that allows you to put A4 size files sufficiently.
The heavenly part is a zipper.
Commitment to materials
Leather with 'suppleness' will change according to the owner.
It is a product that is familiar as you use it, the color and luster increase in depth, and the loved ones are the pleasure of raising them.

* Tochigi leather is characterized by a dye finish derived from plant, and is an attractive leather that makes use of natural texture.
Therefore, depending on the lot and the leather location, the shine and color are slightly different.
As a "one -of -a -kind leather personality" that appears because it is natural
I hope you can grow your own taste.
Precautions of handling
There is a possibility of friction, discoloration in wet state, and color transfer.