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Artphere New Dulles Touch Touch F4

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¥49,500 JPY
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¥49,500 JPY
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Body material: artificial leather
Attached material: artificial leather, cowhide
Interior fabric: Polyester
Size (migration)
W: 340 × H: 380 × D: 95
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
The third generation NEW DULLES TOUCH reborn as tough and light.
Commitment to functionality
The main room of F4 is A4 size. The 13 -inch PC will fit. In order to prevent the contents that tend to fall with a vertical bag from gathering at the bottom, pockets are effectively placed.
Equipped with an antibacterial zipper pocket on the back of the exterior. The back of the integrated molding has a large irregularities and suppresses the stuffiness of the back.
A moderately thick backpack belt is easy to adapt to the shoulder and prevents shift by attaching a harness.
Commitment to materials
The main body material was Tough Gard® Light Deluxe II of Teijin Cordore.
It is an ideal material that contains Eco Pet®, an environment -conscious material, which is resistant to water such as rain, is hard to get dirty and light.
Precautions of handling
Packing things more than the appropriate storage amount can cause bags.