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Artphere New Dulles Tech2 F4

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¥66,000 JPY
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¥66,000 JPY
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Body material: beef floor leather
Attached material: artificial leather, cowhide
Interior fabric: Polyester
Size (migration)
W: 340 × H: 380 × D: 95
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
NEW DULLES BAG featuring a streamlined design
Commitment to functionality
A vertical bag that can be used in 2 -way, a backpack style.
The main room with a key lock and security into account can be opened and closed with one touch.
Aluminum frames with strength and lightness are used for the bracket of the mouth frame.
The main room supports A4 size and 13 inch PCs.
A zipper pocket using antibacterial fabric was provided on the back of the exterior.
Commitment to materials
Uses hybrid leather developed by Italian leather processing manufacturer "Kiorino".
It is a material made from 6 months to 2 years after birth, and is a material made by pressing a ultra -thin carbon pattern film on the surface.
While having a firmness and flexibility close to this cowhide, it has wear resistance, light resistance, and heat resistance.
Precautions of handling
In a well -ventilated place, keep it in a high temperature and humidity.
Do not wipe with alcohol -based solvents such as benzine or thinner when cleaning.
Packing more than the appropriate storage amount can cause the product's pain.