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Artphere New Dulles Touch F0

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¥35,200 JPY
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¥35,200 JPY
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Body material: artificial leather
Attached material: artificial leather, cowhide
Interior fabric: Polyester
Size (migration)
W: 275 × H: 200 × D: 85
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
A mini -shoulder that can carry only what you need without waste, and also accents you to wear.
The mini -shoulder of the artfear has a one -touch frame structure that opens greatly, and is not only fashionable but also functionally excellent.
Commitment to functionality
Equipped with a quick open system that completely eliminates opening and closing stress in daily life. The bag with one hand can be opened and closed.
The durable natural wood handle is a specification that is easy to fit into your hands that can feel a sense of stability when you offer it.
Commitment to materials
The main body material was Toughgard® Light Deluxe II from Teijin Cordore.
It is a material that contains an environmentally friendly material Eco Pet®, which is resistant to wounds and is resistant to rain such as rain, is hard to get dirty and light.
Precautions of handling
Packing things more than the appropriate storage amount can cause bags.