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Crezan Jetter Key Case

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¥24,200 JPY
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¥24,200 JPY
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Body material: Goat leather
Attached material: cowhide
Interior fabric: Cowhide, rayon x cotton
Size (migration)
W: 65 × H: 120 × D: 20
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
A sophisticated leather goods collection for adults with high -quality white leather with a strong presence and dark brown interior, taking over the concept of "JETTER".
It is a simple and sophisticated design of a finished slim form that is completed only because of high -quality leather, and is a leather goods that women want to use not only for men but also for women.
Commitment to functionality
Round zipper key case. Smart vertical silhouette that can be held on hand. You can protect the inside firmly with zipper specifications. Equipped with a key hook with four keys. With a convenient card pocket that can store the card key of the apartment. The front side has a pocket that can also include coins, and the interior is a free pocket that can store bills.
Commitment to materials
The main leather adopts a hard epidermis goat leather with a high surface strength while having delicate suppleness like a calf. It is the perfect specification for heavy use, which is hard to scratch and is resistant to dirt because it is applied to strong water -repellent processing. Inside is a French calf (kip), which is said to be the best in the world for cowhide. It is a full -fledged box curf with glossy glossy finish with tannas in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture.
The metal handle with the brand name is a luxurious original parts that are carefully processed with high accuracy.
Combined with white leather, not only makes the bag stand out, but also the joy of owning it.
The zipper uses Excella, a ykk zipper lady.
Precautions of handling
■ Because we use genuine leather, some scratches, blood lines, color unevenness, etc. may be included. Please enjoy it as a natural material.
■ Due to the characteristics of leather, please note that it may discolor or discolor due to friction, wetness, sweat and sunburn, etc.