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Crezan Jetter Body Bag

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¥48,400 JPY
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¥48,400 JPY
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Body material: Shrink leather (cowhide)
Attached material:
Interior fabric: cotton twill, 110 nylon twill PVC
Size (migration)
W: 140 × H: 285 × D: 55
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
We use white leather luxuriously on sporty body bags to combine lightness and richness.
The shoulder strap can be replaced left and right. In addition, it has a luxurious finish that uses leather.
Commitment to functionality
Moderate thick, high -quality shrink leather is characterized by a soft texture. The surface of the leather is strongly water -repellent, and it is resistant to rain and dirt.
The interior of the pocket on the front side is made of PVC -processed fabric, and a slightly wet one, such as folding umbrellas.
A pocket of the size that just fits your passport is placed on the back pocket. It is also used as a sub -bag on the destination.
Commitment to materials
In the renewal of April 2020, the main material shrink leather evolved. Instead of domestic produced, it adopted high -quality Italian luxury shrink leather. In pursuit of our concept of pure white, we have realized "Deep White", which could not be released in Japanese tanners.
The metal parts engraved with the brand name are original parts with a sense of quality that are carefully processed with high accuracy.
Combined with white leather, not only makes the bag stand out, but also the joy of owning it.
The zipper uses Excella, a ykk zipper lady.
Precautions of handling
Due to friction, water wetness, sweat and sunburn, it may discolor and discolor.