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itten-itten Mini pochette

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¥13,200 JPY
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¥13,200 JPY
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Body material: Cowhide
Interior fabric: cotton
Size (migration)
W: 135 × H: 195 × D: 10
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
"Colorful and pop design and glimpse of a glimpse of detail"
Pochette -type mini shoulder bag that is perfect for everyday use with a compact size.
As a coordination accent, it is also recommended to challenge different coloring.
Commitment to functionality
Even if you have two eco bags, it is very useful with a sense of size that does not get in the way.
The shoulder straps can be adjusted, so you can change them to your favorite length.
Commitment to materials
Italian leather that I chose for me.
Uses Italian raw skin, which has been adopted by many global brands. We use only carefully selected raw skins in Europe.
Because it uses proprietary drugs for dyeing, soft and soft leather has a piece of fiber, and it is used to keep it firmly even on the abdomen where the fiber becomes coarse.
Precautions of handling
■ Since genuine leather is used, some scratches, blood lines, uneven color may be included. Please enjoy it as a natural material.
■ Please note that due to friction, wet, sweat, sunburn, etc., due to the characteristics of leather, it may discolor and discolor.