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beruf baggage Urban Commuter 2WAY BACK PACK HA

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¥29,700 JPY
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¥29,700 JPY
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Body material: Nylon
Attached material: cowhide
Interior fabric: Nylon
Size (migration)
W: 280 × H: 420 × D: 140
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
"Beruf Baggage®" x "Toyooka Bag®" FIRST APPROACH [Urban Commuter]. "2way Back Pack Ha" is a middle -sized 2 -way type business backpack designed for urban commuters.
The front design is simplified, which is easy to match with jackets and setup styles as well as a combination with a clicky style.
It features a variety of pocket configurations arranged in consideration of functionality, interior and back design that provide stable backing comfort.
Commitment to functionality
An independent PC sleeve on the back of the body corresponding to the size up to 13.3 inches.
A zippered pocket for small items beside the handle grip located in two directions.
Organizer in the main compartment using stretch mesh.
Security pocket placed on the back of the cushion pad on the back of the exterior.
A strap that also has a fixing to casterback and a simple summary of harness.
Commitment to materials
The main fabric, Hollofil ™, is a hollow brand of "CORDURA®", which has excellent durability and lightweight "CORDURA®". A hollow thread means that each thread is hollow (straw -shaped), so it is lighter than normal thread fabrics.
"Hollofil Air ™" is a new "CORDURA BALLISTIC®" material that has been reduced by the durability of "CORDURA®" Fabric, which is resistant to friction and tears, as well as the durability of the thread, and has been reduced in weight.
The lining is "Tefox®" 420 denier nylon. Teflon coat has excellent water repellency.
Precautions of handling
Please note that synthetic fibers and natural leather may cause color unevenness, spots, and textures due to the use of benzine, etc.
Please note that the attached natural leather may be discolored due to wet or friction due to rain.