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anti-mode style pista 3-way 2rooms

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¥31,900 JPY
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Body material: PVC
Attached material: cowhide
Interior fabric: Nylon
Size (migration)
W: 365 × H: 270 × D: 105
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
A 3WAY business bag for a simple design, multifunctional and compact woman.
It will be three colors. Edo Kuro is a special black that colored black plaster applied to the Edo period warehouse. Tope and Greige have selected a feminine and gentle color with a natural taste.
Commitment to functionality
It is a 3WAY bag of the back, handbag (vertical / horizontal), shoulder.
Hidden zipper pocket on the front torso, secret zipper pocket on the rear torch and belt belt storage zipper pocket ( * Do not put anything other than the belt in this pocket. It may fall).
The interior is partitioned to 2ROOM, PC sleeve, zipper pocket 2, pen, and small pocket 2. A4 file compatible.
Shoulder belt and back belt attached.
Commitment to materials
The main body fabric is a waterproof material coated with PVC on a canvas. In addition, wrinkles are applied to the surface to create a cloth atmosphere despite being a PVC.
Natural leather is used for the part where the hand touches and the part that requires reinforcement. The leather usage part is the base of the handle grip, main zipper handle, on the back of the belt, shoulder belt, and the root of the ring and D -can.
For the main zipper, YKK's "METALLION®", a coil zipper with metal shine and heavyness, has been used to achieve lighter weight and smoothness of opening and closing.
Precautions of handling
Please note that if you soak in a strong rain or water, you may get in from the needle hole or zipper part and wet or dirty the contents. If your bag gets wet, wipe it off with a dry cloth without rubbing it strongly.
Please note that PVC, natural leather, and synthetic fibers may cause discoloration, uneven color, spots, and texture due to the use of benzins, etc.
Please note that natural leather may be discolored due to wet or friction due to rain.