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craftsmanship W.P.3-Way

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¥31,900 JPY
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Body material: polyurethane
Attached material: cowhide
Interior fabric: Polyester
Size (migration)
W: 410 × H: 290 × D: 90
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
It is an almighty BAG for sales, commuting, bicycles, suit and casual style. In addition to the calm atmosphere and silky touch of matte black, we designed the theme of "Waterproof 3WAYBAG that protects the contents and bags from sudden rain".
Commitment to functionality
"Waterproof 3WAYBAG that protects the contents from sudden rain" backpack, shoulder, handbag, and various ways.
The main body is the main room + front pocket structure. Specifications that change the color of the binder in the interior pocket exit and judge the entrance quickly. A4 file compatible. PC pocket available. Carry BAG on support. The zipper is a water stop zipper, and it is a back that supports when there is a lot of rain, using a water -resistant washable leather.
Commitment to materials
The duron of the main body fabric is a polyurethane material finished in a polyurethane 600D base cloth with an environmentally reduced method. This Duron is a powerful polyurethane that uses a production method that reduces the solvent as much as possible, does not drop the finished urethane purity, keeps the lightness as it is, surface intensity and durable.
Precautions of handling
Precautions for handling: If you soak in a strong rain or water, you may wet the contents of the needle hole. If your bag gets wet, wipe it with a dry cloth. Please note that the main body fabric, natural leather and interior fabric may cause discoloration, uneven color, spots, and texture due to the use of benzins.