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ORIGINAL BASIC Leather Business Tote Bag

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¥38,500 JPY
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¥38,500 JPY
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Body material: Cowhide
Attached material:
Interior fabric: cotton
Size (migration)
W: 410 × H: 300 × D: 110
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
The concept is business casual. The tailoring of the side pursued a gentle form by sewing (bag sewing), and designed the handle in detail so that women can bring it.
Commitment to functionality
Hidden zipper pockets are provided in the front pocket, eliminating the trouble of searching in bags, such as valuables. In addition, the main zipper was longer than a bag, making it easier to put in and out of personal computers and documents.
A shoulder belt is included.
Commitment to materials
Cost -performance models use and use tannin leather and use unique textures and changes, so you can use them for many years.
Precautions of handling
Please note that the body natural leather and interior fabric may cause discoloration, uneven color, spots, and texture due to wet or friction due to rain. Please do not use benzine for the same reason.
[Care method] We recommend that you care about once every two months with dry and leather nutritional replenishment cream, waterproof spray dedicated to leather. However, it may be rarely spots, so please try it in the inconspicuous part of the leather.