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ORIGINAL BASIC Canvas PU x Leather Soft Briefcase

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¥28,600 JPY
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¥28,600 JPY
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Body material: Canvas PU coat
Attached material: cowhide
Interior fabric: cotton
Size (migration)
W: 410 × H: 320 × D: 70
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
The concept is "business casual"
Handles and leather parts using two colors leather to be used in either
The target is for a wide range of workers
Commitment to functionality
By making the position of the chorder belt can be asymmetrical with asymmetrical left and right.
The design can be hidden in a pocket and has a design that does not impair the design.
The A4+2㎝ larger size is made instead of the A4 just size, so it is easy to put the documents in and out.
The cowhide handle, which is also our commitment, has a specification that fits into your hand as you use it.
Commitment to materials
The body is made of urethane film on a canvas material and hot water firing is applied.
It is a material that can be used even on a little rainy day while giving the atmosphere of leather as much as possible.
Precautions of handling
Do not use benzine for the body material and interior. Color unevenness and stains,
It may cause a change in texture.
Please note that the attached natural leather is the same.
Especially natural leather is due to rain or sweat or friction.
Please note that you may be discolored and dirty your clothes and contents.