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¥38,500 JPY
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¥38,500 JPY
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Body material: Nylon
Attached material: cowhide
Interior fabric: Nylon
Size (migration)
W: 300 × H: 485 × D: 140
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
This is a collaboration BAG of Real Works brand "CIE" and "Toyooka Bag", a venture company that plays an active part in Osaka.
It is hands -free, such as carrying and hanging on the back, and pursues lightweight and functionality without using leather as much as possible.
It is a backpack with a strong casual impression, but it is a BAG that can be used up to beautiful styles and streets. A gem that demonstrates our sewing capabilities. It is a fresh design and is a BAG regardless of gender and generation.
Commitment to functionality
An ultra -high -performance BAG with many pockets so that you can use it according to your daily behavior pattern.
The interior has a PC pocket and can be used in the business scene. A4 file compatible. Night safety measures by phosphorescent leather parts. The body material "Weather Max" has high water repellency.
Commitment to materials
Since the body fabric uses "Weather Max", which is often used for tents and marine applications, it is consistent and highly resistant to color. (It is resistant to strong sunlight and wind and rain.) Ottoman weaving is adopted and has strength and durability. The finish is "HYDRO MAX" processing, which has high water repellency while maintaining breathability. From these things, you can use it for many years.
White leather is a phosphorescent phosphorescent, so protect yourself from night commuting, commuting and riding.
Precautions of handling
Please note that synthetic fibers and natural leather may cause color unevenness, spots, and textures due to the use of benzine, etc.
Please note that the attached natural leather may be wet due to rain, or may cause discoloration due to friction.