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¥20,900 JPY
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¥20,900 JPY
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Body material: nylon
Attached material: Cowhide
Interior material: Nylon
W: 260 × 220 × D: 180
Weight (g)
The Obsession of Design
Image of bucket bag. In addition, it is a Japanese brand, and the drawstring bag which can be removed in the inside was installed in order to prevent the contents jump.
The same design leather (cow leather) version (s2800) is also available.
The Obsession of functionality
The drawstring bag in the bag is attached with a hook, so you can remove the hook and separate it for use.It is easy to remove easily with one hand, and it is easy to remove the button in one direction and easy to remove.
Can be used as a shoulder bag as a hand bag.
The Obsession of Materials
The nylon material "KONBU-N" developed by Komatsu refining in Ishikawa prefecture is used. After about 20% shrinking it, it is pickled in water repellent.
Water repellent is powerful because it is super water repellent. It is a high functional fabric that has a unique hardness that can be held while being flexible, and has a feeling of dry feeling and tightness.
Handling Notice
Please note that this product may cause changes in color unevenness, stains and warmth by use of synthetic fiber, cotton cloth, natural leather. Also, please note that the attached natural leather and interior cotton fabric may be wet or wet due to friction.