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YOUTA Lizard Doctorʼs Bag

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¥33,000 JPY
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¥33,000 JPY
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Body material: PVC
Attached material: ox leather
Interior material: cotton
Size (in mm)
W: 410 × H: 300 × D: 130
Weight (g)
The Obsession of Design
I have a double name for Tokyo's "YOUTA" and "Toyooka Bam", which are the main projects of Dressback.
"YOUTA" is the Intre-Design of the center part.The body of the dough came to select the cymbo of the beautiful, standard color of the rizzard. Dulles BAG, a classic classic style, is the A4 size, adding convenient lucic functions to move.
The steering wheel also uses zelkova (Japanese zelkova) for luxury and is designed for elegant texture and high quality design. It's a horizontal type, but it's an exquisite size for men and women to fit their backs. As a designer, I don't recommend a style with a shoulder belt.
It's a bag that has a sense of presence even if you have it.
The Obsession of functionality
Designed to suit your business style, as well as ease of use with an opening that opens 180 °. Supports A4 files. Compatible with 13.3 inch PC.
It's a 3WAY bag of Luc Teage-Shoulder.
Two hidden fasner pockets in the trunk.
The interior is provided with a fetchable fastener pocket-board.
The border is pill.
The keys are included.
There are two mounting positions on the back seat belt.
For one thing, please check the image.
The other is a wooden handle, with a small ring attached to it.The women and their shoulders do not fall under this small ring.
The Obsession of Materials
The zelkova used for the steering wheel is an essential timber tree for the architecture of the temple and the luxury furniture.
It is also an expensive material used for the torso (drum) section of the Japanese drum and lacquer ware.
It has a strong resilience and a small, intolerable feature, and it has been treated as the best broadleaf tree in Japan since ancient times since ancient times because of its strong and intolerable and beautiful appearance.
The dough is a PVC-rizdor-shibo-type push.
The PVC is more resistant to water than the coalskin (PU) and natural leather, and it is difficult to scratch the surface of the water, as well as the surface.
However, as the torn is not strong enough, it is used for costly pieces and fragile parts.
Handling Notice
Please be aware that PVC, cotton, and leather can change color, spot, and weathering through the use of benzine and other uses.
Please note that the accompanying leather and cotton cloth may be colored down due to wet or wet weather or friction.