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Water-repellent Backpack

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¥33,000 JPY
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¥33,000 JPY
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Body material: Water-repellent Cowhide (manufactured by Italy)
Attached material: Nylon
Interior material: polyester
Size (mm)
W: 250 × H: 360 × D: 60
Weight (g)
The Obsession of Design
Combine with super water repellent leather and nylon tile fabric, and the water repellency and lightness are Uri, manwefer to be hand-held.
The front of the front of the front is a big feature of design. You can easily open and close it to stop with hidden magnet.
A different color key ring charm is pointing.
The Obsession of functionality
The main storage unit is the size that the A4 clear file enters.
It has a fastener pocket and a solid pocket for accessories.
Big solid pockets on the front of the bag, with a fastener pocket with a long wallet on the back.
The Obsession of Materials
1961 established plant tannin tanning specialty flourish tanner in Toscana region in Toscana, Italy
Super water repellent leather that "CONCERIA LA BRETAGNA S. R. L (Breetagna)" has been developed for many years of research and development
"Idro ARIZONA (Idro Arizona)" is adopted as the main material.
The water repellent effect adheres to the surface, and even after 20 hours or more, even after 20 hours or more, even if it is not immersed in the surface.
Also, its powerful water repellent effect leads to the surface of leather but also to the back and inside.
It is an innovative new material that is strong in color falling and covering the concept of leather bags so far.
It is also water-repellent in "sewing thread", and water is less likely to penetrate from seams.
The fabric is also water-repellent, lightweight, lightweight, and produces colorful casual senses with the same color and leather.
Handling Notice
Although this product uses highly water repellent materials, it does not guarantee the water repellency and waterproofness of the product itself.
Packing things more than the appropriate storage volume may cause the bag of bags.