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TUTUMU books

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¥23,100 JPY
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¥23,100 JPY
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Body material: nylon
Attached material: Cowhide
Interior material: Cotton
W: 250 × H: 440 × D: 170
Weight (g)
The Obsession of Design
Kobe selection Co., Ltd. It is design by the designer living in Kobe. I booked a lot of books and Textbooks...
The attached camel is made of thin camel color, but it changes into the yellow color by aging and the taste comes out.
The Obsession of functionality
It is 2 waybag of backing and handmade.
Since the silhouette changes by stopping the fitting of the mouth, you can change the silhouette according to the feeling of the daily visitor and the capacity of the load.
In addition, the zipper pocket on the left side of the back is a design with a long wallet, and it is possible to take out the wallet and the small thing with one hand while carrying the baggage.
The Obsession of Materials
"KONBU-N" is a special nylon material developed by "Komatsu Seiken" in Ishikawa prefecture. After about 20% shrinking it, it is pickled in water repellent.
Water repellent is powerful because it is super water repellent. It is a high functional fabric that has a unique hardness that can be held while being flexible, and has a feeling of dry feeling and tightness.
The attached leather is made from Himeji. Leather is hard to maintain, so it is hard to stretch.
Handling Notice
Synthetic fiber, cotton cloth and natural leather are used by bendin, etc
Please note that this may cause changes in color irregularity, stains and texture.
Attached natural leather and interior cotton fabric is wet or wet
Please note that the color may fall due to friction.