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TSUMAMU Backpack

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¥22,000 JPY
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¥22,000 JPY
Production number
EN 1120
Body material: 10 sail (Paraffin Bioprocessing)
Attached material: Leather material
Interior material: Cotton twill
W: 300 × H:340 × D: 110
Weight (g)
The Obsession of Design
The material feeling of the sail and the feeling of the three-dimensional look are cute.
A piece of cloth is picked up, and the weight is made, and the depth is felt.
You can enjoy the unique volume sense and the sense of use.
The Obsession of functionality
Pocket large enough to put long wallet on both sides of the back.
The Obsession of Materials
Bio processed paraffin 10 sail is unique to natural fiber.
Natural and natural.
Handling Notice
In case of deep color, there is a possibility of color shift in friction and wet condition.