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Parcel A4 Doctorʼs Backpack

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¥36,300 JPY
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Body material: ox leather
Attached material:
Interior material: cotton
Size (in mm)
W: 345 × H: 340 × D: 130
Weight (g)
The Obsession of Design
It is a series of design designs that have an image of a natural leather and a "parcel" image.
The cardboard-shaped charm, the image of the parcel, and the mail stamp are on the accent.
The Obsession of functionality
A Dirac-style lucksack with an A4 size capable.It is larger than the previous, NU20-105, and provides a business-ready function.
A box with an aluminum frame in the opening can be large and closed with a single touch, and is an easy-to-fetch design.
There is a 13-inch notebook PC-only pocket on the inside of the interior, and you can replace the hok position in two stages that is fixed to fit the PC size.
The back seat belt is thinned by the shoulder part only, and reduces the weight by weight.
It is convenient to put something that you want to take immediately, such as a smartphone or a glass case, in an exterior dorsal free pocket.
The Obsession of Materials
Use domestic ox leather with a smooth, expressive, expressive style.
It is characterized by a soft texture, which is easy to fit and to use in a comfortable and comfortable way.
The leather will become softer every time I use it up.
Handling Notice
About the leather product
Products using natural leather or dyes do not have more dyeing or color stopper than necessary to make the most of the original characteristics of the material, and it is inevitable to have some color loss due to soaking wet or fricting or other material.When wet with rain, please be careful with the friction with the clothes.
Also, depending on the nature of leather, depending on how the leather is taken, the design of the pattern is slightly different.There are cases in which the shibo, wrinkles, thickles, and surface bands of leather are sometimes found.Please be careful.