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ottorossi Wallet Bag

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¥22,000 JPY
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¥22,000 JPY
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Body material: Cowhide
Attached material: Cowhide
Interior material: rayon
Size (mm)
W: 240 × H: 130 × D: 30
Weight (g)
The Obsession of Design
It is a wallet bag that used soft texture Italian leather.
Cashless is a wallet that comes with smartphones and money and cards that are perfect for the present.
The Obsession of functionality
Because it is a belt, it can be used as a shoulder and hand-held bag.
The Obsession of Materials
Use of Italian shlink-type push leather for the image material.
Handling Notice
Natural materials (leather, hemp, cotton etc) products
It is weak to water resistance and used in wet condition and there is a risk of color loss.
If it gets wet with rain, sweat, etc., please use it carefully (naturally dry).
Leather product
We use materials processed to make use of the original texture.
Leather material is weak in water, and it may cause stains on the surface when it hits strong rain.
In addition, use with strength friction, water, and sweat, there is a risk of color loss.
Please note that use when wearing light clothes.
If it gets wet with rain, please dry (naturally dry) and then use it.
If it is stored for a long time, avoid moisture places.
Please use a dedicated cleaner for remaining leather products, and use a dedicated waterproof spray for rain measures.
At that time, we recommend using it after trying once in a place where it is not noticeable.
Products of special processing materials
Design, we use processing materials to make use of the surface effect.
With current processing technology, some colors fall due to friction etc.
There may be corruption such as peeling.
Please be careful when wearing light clothes.