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RANSTA Ranta Adult Rand bag barrel preparation

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¥85,800 JPY
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¥85,800 JPY
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Body material: artificial leather
Attached material:
Interior fabric: PU synthetic leather
Size (migration)
W: 290 × H: 380 × D: 150
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
The vertical form, which is based on the shape of the school bag, creates a smart impression and plays an active part in a wide range of situations.
Commitment to functionality
A 13 -inch notite PC (up to MacBook Air Retina model) is available, and business is also available.
Small storage can be organized neatly with three front pockets.
Commitment to materials
We use artificial leather made by a manufacturing method called "barrel preparation".
The glossy surface reminiscent of natural leather is characteristic and enhances the luxury.
Precautions of handling
Do not use leather cream, as the material may deteriorate. When dirt adheres, wipe it gently without rubbing with strong pressure.