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¥47,300 JPY
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Body material: Italian leather
Attached material: Italian leather
Interior fabric: Artificial suede (polyester)
Size (migration)
W: 370 × H: 350 × D: 120
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
Hiding the zipper and not using other brackets, the moist texture of the leather is brought out.
Produces originality by designing detailed parts and stitches in detail.
Because it is a simple design, you can match various styles.
Commitment to functionality
The long handle suitable for the shoulder is adopted, and it has a large zipper pocket in symmetrical front and rear, so it is comfortable on either the left or right shoulder.
The main zipper is designed so that it can be used both open or closed.
Both the front and the back have a zipper pocket, so it is safe to store small items.
A smartphone size pocket is attached to the front and back pockets, and the interior is also attached to a pocket and a zipper pocket.
Commitment to materials
The main material uses soft Italian leather. The interior is also a soft suede style, so you can feel a comfortable touch.
Precautions of handling
Products of natural materials (leather, hemp, cotton, etc.)
Weak water resistance, and there is a risk of discoloration if used in wet state.
If it gets wet due to rain or sweat, please use it well (naturally dry).
Leather product
We use materials processed to take advantage of the original texture of leather.
Leather material is vulnerable to water, and if it hits heavy rain, it can cause stains on the surface.
In addition, there is a risk of discoloration when using strength friction, water, or wet in sweat.
Please be especially careful when wearing light clothes.
If it gets wet due to rain, please dry it well (naturally dry) before use.
When stored for a long time, avoid humid places.
For dirt on leather products, please use a dedicated cleaner and use a dedicated waterproof spray for rain measures.
At that time, we recommend that you try it once in an inconspicuous area.
Products made of special processing materials
We use processed materials to make use of the surface effects on the design.
In the current processing technology, friction and the like may cause some damage such as discoloration or peeling.
Please be careful when wearing light clothes.