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Small Doctorʼs Bag

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¥209,000 JPY
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¥209,000 JPY
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Body material: Vegetable Tannin tanned leather (round leather) made by walnut, Italy
Interior material: Hemp
Cover processing
Cod material painting
Lock: one push lock
Inside: two rooms
Interior pocket: Fastener pocket × 1 open pocket × 2
Outer diameter (about) / W:360 × H:270 × D:160
Opening effective dimensions (about) / W:345 × D:145
Weight (g)
In 1951, it was a Dulles bag type Boston which was produced by the craftsman who came from Osaka immediately after the visit of the U. S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles who was the origin of the item name in 1951. The compact size of the A4 file has been completed to accommodate the current needs while keeping the classical silhouette while repeating the fine tuning of the material and balance. It is easy to organize because there is a midsection, and it is safe to work and a small business trip. The silhouette which is made of colon is lovely, and it is an excellent item that is not recommended and wants to use it usually.