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¥46,200 JPY
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Body material: Cowhide
Attached material:
Interior fabric: cotton
Size (migration)
W: 345 × H: 340 × D: 130
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
A PARCEL series designed with a natural leather texture and a "parcel".
A charm -type charm inspired by a parcel accent.
Commitment to functionality
A4 size storage rucksack that can be stored. It is one size larger than the conventional Dans Luck (NU20-105), and has a business support function.
The mouth frame with an aluminum frame in the opening can be large with one touch, so it is easy to take out.
There is a 13 -inch notebook PC pocket on the back side of the interior, and the hook position that is fixed according to the PC size can be replaced in two stages.
The back belt is thickened only on the shoulders, reducing the bite by weight.
It is convenient to put things you want to take out immediately, such as smartphones and pass cases, in the flea pocket of the exterior.
Commitment to materials
Uses domestic cowhide, a smooth and expressive pressing shrink.
The soft texture is characterized by a good use and comfortable use when you have it.
Each time you use it, the leather becomes softer.
Precautions of handling
About leather products

Products that use natural leather and dyes have no dyeing or coloring more than necessary, so they can be used to maximize the original texture of the material, and some discoloration and changes due to water wet and friction are avoided. not. If you get wet due to rain, be careful of friction with your clothes.
In addition, due to the characteristics of leather, the appearance of the pattern differs slightly depending on the method of removing the leather. There may be leather grain, wrinkles, shades, and surface groups. Please note.