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New Dulles Tech2 F4

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¥61,600 JPY
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Body material: PVC
Attached material: artificial leather, ox leather
Interior material: polyester
Size (in mm)
W: 340 × H: 380 × D: 95
Weight (g)
The Obsession of Design
The New Dulles Bag, characterized by a streamline design
The Obsession of functionality
A vertical bag that can be used in 2way, with a backpack styleand a lid style.
The main room with keylock and security considerations can be
opened and closed in a single touch.
Armiframes with strength and lightness are used for the fittings of the mouths.
The main room is compatible with A4 and 13-inch PCs.
In the rear of the exterior, a fastener pocket was installed with antibacterial dough.
The Obsession of Materials
A hybrid leather developed by the Italian leather-processing company Kiorino.
The raw material, which is made from 6 months to 2 years old, is used for the lower part of the carbon-papa film, which is extremely thin on the surface, and the diagonal pattern of Aya-ori weave is shown by the reflection of the light.
It has a coxy and a wrinkled eagerness, which is close to this cow's skin, and has the weatheriness, resistance, and resilience.
Handling Notice
It is a ventilation site and it should be stored with a high temperature and a humid temperature.
Do not wipe it with a solvent of benzine, thinner, or other alcoholic drinks at your care.
A packing of more than an adequate amount of storage can cause the product to hurt.