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Masumi Bag Sugo Toyooka MODEL Yanagi -ROUND-

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¥187,000 JPY
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¥187,000 JPY
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Body material: Cowhide
Attached material:
Interior fabric: polyester etc.
Size (migration)
W: 370 × H: 290 × D: 100
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
Since a thousand years ago, Yanagi Yuki has been used and used in Japan.
The Gyoki bag, born in Toyooka, was known to the world at the 1900 Paris Expo.
"Bags with willow" that can only be made because it is a bag -producing area has been born according to the current lifestyle.
Commitment to functionality
The willow was applied and the weight was lighter, and the shocking corners were wrapped in design with genuine leather.
I was particular about the compact size while entering the A4 file with plenty of time.
Atche is a special mechanism that does not open and closed when standing. Since the luggage prevention is devised, we will support the work that gently remove the luggage while traveling.
Commitment to materials
The only production area in which the tradition of Yanagi Yuki is inherited is Toyooka.
The korye gags used for Atche are domestic products raised in Toyooka.
Yanagi, which is cultivated by utilizing the four seasons of Japan, is a rare material that takes a year and a half.
The processing combined with a unique and bag craftsman and a product that could only be made from Toyooka.
Precautions of handling
・ It is not waterproof.
・ Because it is a wooden product, avoid putting it in a car, direct sunlight, or a high temperature place for a long time.
・ Do not stack heavy objects on your bag. The extreme pressure breaks the willow.
・ Do not hit violently.
Other points to note, please read and note that the instruction manual is attached.