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Masumi Bag Doctor's Bag

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¥231,000 JPY
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¥231,000 JPY
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Body material: Cowhide
Attached material:
Interior fabric: hemp
Size (migration)
W: 370 × H: 265 × D: 225
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
Because it was used for doctors' home consultations, we arranged a classical design bag, also called a doctor's bag, in a modern style. The thick stitch called the 0th is accented.
Commitment to functionality
Using a special base called a stick shop, the opening is about 280 mm x 180 mm, so it is easy to check the inside and it is smooth.
Commitment to materials
Uses thicken leather with grown vegetable tannin tanned so that it is hard to lose shape. The interior uses a clean hemp.
Precautions of handling
Because it is a product -made product, it will take time to hand it over.