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Masumi bag sac foil / lacquer A4 slim attack

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¥660,000 JPY
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¥660,000 JPY
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Body material: Cowhide (lacquered, platinum foil processing)
Attached material:
Interior fabric: polyester etc.
Size (migration)
W: 360 × H: 265 × D: 70
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
With the concept of dropping Japanese traditional techniques into everyday life, A4 -sized Attache cases, which are usually easy to use, are finished into a slim and stylish square type.
Commitment to functionality
With A4 size simple design, it fits the surroundings such as tablets and long wallets. The gusset width is 70mm and it is slim, so you can use it everyday without feeling the size.
Commitment to materials
Lacquer leather uses leather tanned with vegetable tannins, as well as leather, as well as lacquer leather, and uses materials that are naturally -based environment.
Precautions of handling
Lacquer processing and foil processing may come off due to friction. Also, if a heavy load is applied, the internal wooden core may be damaged. Please be careful.