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Jin Seven-Liter Leather Tote

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¥49,500 JPY
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¥49,500 JPY
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Body material: leather
Attached material:
Interior material: cotton twile
Size (mm)
W: 450 × H: 300 × D: 140
Weight (g)
The Obsession of Design
"Tight" with the meaning of flexible and elastic.
It is a series that can be enjoyed by the original sinking of the leather.
Sewing is mainly used for sewing, but we are hand-sewing of craftsmen in the root of the handling handling hand.
I am particular about a delicate and robust thing that does not rely on the machine.
The Obsession of functionality
A4 Size that allows you to put a file of size enough.
The heavens are fasteners.
The Obsession of Materials
Leather with 'Shinya' 'will change the owner.
It is a product that is familiar enough to use, the color and the tuya will increase, and it is a product with the fun to grow each one who is used.

※ Tochigi Leather is a leather that is attractive to the plant-derived dye finish and the manufacturing method that utilizes natural texture.
Therefore, there is a difference between the lot and the leather location and slightly different from the leather location.
As a natural "individuality of one of the world" which is only natural
I hope you can grow up with your own taste deep look.
Handling Notice
There is a possibility of color loss and color transfer in friction and wet condition.