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Ibara denim NELSD

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¥20,680 JPY
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¥20,680 JPY
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Body material: Ibara denim
Attached material: Cowhide
Interior material:
Size (mm)
W: 320 × H: 225 × D: 65
Weight (g)
The Obsession of Design
Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture is the first manufacturer of denim in Japan. Currently, we are applying for "Ibara Denim" as a trademark registration of the Ihara Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As with Toyooka Bag, this collaboration with Toyooka Bag has been realized as an excellent regional brand that has evolved from traditional Japanese technology to a local industry, and as a production center for Japanese manufacturing. Uses 006 type, which is a popular product of the straight canvas series. Hikonas is specially polished.
The Obsession of functionality
I did not use denim fabric for the part that hits the body, and I was careful about discoloration.
The Obsession of Materials
Uses selvedge denim fabric woven using an old-fashioned loom. This fabric is narrower than the latest looms and takes longer to weave, making it an expensive fabric in denim. In addition, there is a feature called ears on both ends of the fabric. This time, we are using a characteristic fabric called red ear, which has a particularly thick red line. Use red ears for the gusset.
Handling Notice
Because it is a denim fabric, the color will fade.