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Kagen Nostalgic Sacoche vertical

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¥9,350 JPY
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Body material: Canvas
Attached material: cowhide
Interior fabric:
Size (migration)
W: 150 × H: 210 × D: 40
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
The gusset is thin, put in a minimal belongings and hang it diagonally. It is just a good size for walking and traveling.
Leather attached to canvas. There is no doubt that the combination of the color is dressed and moody. Natural uniformity.
Commitment to functionality
The pocket of the exciting front part is easy to remove with a magnet hook, and the thin pocket made of the back leather on the back can be easily removed by putting an IC card such as Suica and is outstanding.
Commitment to materials
This product is carefully sewn with cotton canvas and carefully licked cowhide. Even if you have a natural texture and cowhide combination of canvas, it is a calm material that calms down.
Precautions of handling
If the color of the canvas gets wet in the rain or wet with sweat, the current dyeing technology may be discolored. Please be careful, especially in white clothes. If the back gets wet in the rain, do not apply to direct sunlight, but dry sufficiently in the shade before use.