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Kagen Shoulder bag

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¥17,600 JPY
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¥17,600 JPY
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Body material: No. 10 canvas (paraffin bio processing)
Attached material: Nume leather
Interior fabric: Cotton twill
Size (migration)
W: 270 × H: 160 × D: 85
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
The texture of the canvas and the three -dimensional feeling picked are cute.
It gives a depthy three -dimensional effect by picking up one canvas.
You can enjoy a unique volume and use of feeling.
Commitment to functionality
Double zipper and easy to use.
If you want to take out immediately, in the back pocket.
Commitment to materials
Bio -processed paraffin No. 10 canvas is a natural texture unique to natural fiber.
Natural along with Nume leather.
Precautions of handling
In the case of a dark color, friction, discoloration in wet state, and color transfer may be possible.