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Kagen Clause Tote Bag S

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¥17,600 JPY
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¥17,600 JPY
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Body material: No. 10 canvas (paraffin bio processing)
Attached material: Nume leather
Interior fabric: Cotton twill
Size (migration)
W: 360 × H: 200 × D: 120
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
The first ladies line in the studio.
Abundant color development.
Express the tension and movement by folding a single -tailed canvas so that it is made of bamboo nodes.
The point is the logo of the inner pocket and the accent of the Sanada string.
A natural atmosphere using Nume leather. Easy to match.
Commitment to functionality
Pocket x 3 in the interior (inner zipper pocket x 1). Convenient for putting mobile phones and storing small items.
Commitment to materials
Using a bio -processed No. 10 canvas, a unique texture of a unique fabric is created and a unique texture unique to natural fiber.
Precautions of handling
Fading due to sunburn may occur due to rain, sweat, and friction.