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Kagen Thai Sansho Leather Tote

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¥36,300 JPY
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¥36,300 JPY
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Body material: Leather
Attached material:
Interior fabric: Cotton twill
Size (migration)
W: 360 × H: 200 × D: 120
Weight (G)
Commitment to design
"Jin" has the meaning of flexible and elastic.
It is a series where you can fully enjoy the suppleness of the leather.
The sewing machine is mainly used for sewing, but it is hand -sewn by craftsmen at the base of the powerful handle.
We are particular about delicate and strong manufacturing that do not rely on machines alone.
Commitment to functionality
A small size that is just right for a sub -bag for a little outing.
Commitment to materials
Leather with 'suppleness' will change according to the owner.
It is a product that is familiar as you use it, the color and luster increase in depth, and the loved ones are the pleasure of raising them.
Precautions of handling
There is a possibility of friction, discoloration in wet state, and color transfer.