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ELDER Backpack

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¥24,200 JPY
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¥24,200 JPY
Production number
Tn001 RK
Body material: thick cotton twill
Attached material: Italian leather / leather
Interior material: 100% cotton
W: 305 × H: 380 × D
Weight (g)
The Obsession of Design
The concept is simple and strong. And gentle.
Simple structure. The body is made from a single cutting part, and it is gentle to the earth because the cutting cutlet is few in the limit.
The productivity is gentle to the producer because there are few sewing points. It is "strong" because there are few worries from the stitches.
The unique soft silhouette and gentle form come out from the manufacturing method.
The Obsession of functionality
It eliminates all unnecessary decorations and uses necessary stitches for making pockets and gums at convenient locations.
Belt belt structure that is hard to rub even if the shoulder and shoulder belt easily fall off. I want you to taste the light feeling when I shoulder.
The Obsession of Materials
Body thickness is thick cotton twill. The cotton seating cloth is applied to the back and strength and tension are put out.
Leather is made in Italy with Tuscany made of excellent thick thick leather made from skilled craftsmen.
I hope you enjoy the growth of leather and fabric.
Handling caution
About leather
This leather is a quality leather made by craftsmen in Toscana. It is tagged as a proof that it is tanned only by vegetable tannins without using any chemical prohibited in law. The plant tannins used in tanning processes over time are high quality secrets. Small blood vessels, wrinkles, and trivial scratches are proof of natural material, and it is the feature of this leather.
When it gets wet, it becomes a stains. Rub and scratch. I'm going to burn. Especially, it is not possible to be able to do it completely
Please dispose of water repellency. Still, a stain and a scratch enter. I hope that you can enjoy the change over time while understanding them.