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Antipasto Skin Traveling Bag

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¥85,800 JPY
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¥85,800 JPY
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Body material: ox leather
Attached material:
Interior material:
Size (in mm)
W: 470 × H: 400 × D: 130
Weight (g)
The Obsession of Design
Designed to maximize the attraction of the upper Italian Skin leather and to maximize its attractiveness by using a large amount of extravagance as a luxury, to make the most of the effort to make the best of the effort to achieve the best of the most important aspects of the Skin.The handstaches that the craftsman spun with white threads, not only have the strength to be secure,
This is a common one-point design.It is ideal for more than two nights of business trip and travel in a large capacity of bostonbags.
The Obsession of functionality
The design with no leather joint on a face is a luxury.He pammed up his luggage, put it on his shoulder, dashing, and went on a journey.This is a boston bag that you can imagine a scene like that.
It is convenient to have a leather strap attached to it, and it is convenient to carry it because it is attached to it.The YKK high-class exercise is designed to be locked with the accompanying keys, and is designed to provide security to the security of the destination.
The Obsession of Materials
It uses a full bend tannin leaser made from Bretagna, a long-established Tanner in Tuscany, in the west of Italy.Because it is made by a unique recipe, the moderately soft and coated leather will be used to the use of each other.